For every Don Draper, there are dozens of ad agency hacks preying on the clueless. 

This week, the victim is legendary camera manufacturer Nikon. According to The Guardian, the company endured some embarrassing press when an eagle-eyed U.K. photographer pointed out that a recent spot highlighting it's heritage prominently featured a retro-styled camera from competitor Fuji. Also, the ad is composed almost entirely of a Shutterstock shot titled "set of cool stuff on a wooden background." 

The agency's fee for the spot isn't known. Here's what else happened this week: 

  • Folks on s2ki rallied around a new S2000 owner who posted about being cheated out of $5k worth of aftermarket goodies by an unscrupulous seller. Fortunately, it seems the alleged crook is now pretty screwed.
  • A popular member of DodgeForum will have to fight City Hall after a tree on public property completely crushed her Challenger Scat Pack. Remember kids: put as little money down on a lease as you can.
  • In other bad vehicular luck, CorvetteForum seethed over a C6 damaged when a stunt-riding motorcyclist crashed into it. Fortunately for most everyone involved, the idiotic incident was caught on video.
  • RennList got a taste of how the SEMA sausage is made when the new owner of a customized 997 GT3 showed all shortcuts taken with project cars headed for Vegas. Take a peek at those sweet zip ties!
  • Jeep fans on JK-Forum cringed watching a Cherokee owner repeatedly try—and repeatedly fail—to keep up with a Toyota Land Cruiser. Nope, your departure angle isn't going to be any better there, bud. 

Hit the links to get the full story. And tune in next week for more news from the forums!


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