In the mid-'80s, Porsche had racing on its mind. Well, really Porsche has always had racing on its mind but in 1984 it had rally racing stuck in its craw, and the only way to scratch that itch is to dive in. The Porsche 911 SC RS was born, and its 290-horsepower heart was set on getting the outside of the car covered in dirt.

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Not many were built, but one of them recently had the chance to have its engine fire up, it's tires roll around, and once again see a chance to play. Not in the dirt of the world's rally stages though, but instead at the Nürburgring's GP circuit. While it's covered in snow.

This is Patrick Simon showing off some excellent skill behind the wheel. Hell, this is Patrick Simon showing tremendous knowledge of the GP section of the 'Ring because we have no idea how he knows where he should even be pointing the nose of the car. The track isn't visible beneath all of that snow, but the Porsche has no problem plowing the right path.

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This is how you start the weekend off right folks... with vintage racing Porsche snow drifts.


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