More than anything, it sounds like a viral marketing campaign.

But in observing a star roughly 1,400 light years from Earth over the last four years, scientists using the Kepler Space Telescope have found some anomalies they just can't explain. And that's resulted in researchers from institutions like Penn State University discussing the possibility of alien megastructers in a serious context.

So we're not saying it's aliens? But it's totally aliens. Here's what else happened this week:

  • Parkour has become increasingly popular in recent years. But generally participants just use their bodies in the pursuit of conquering urban obstacles. So the folks on JK-Forum unanimously thought this Jeep owner was doing it wrong.
  • CorvetteForum members have always maintained the strong stance that kids should stay off their lawns. That said, they've done a hell of a job raising money for St. Jude Children's Hospital. This year marked a million dollars in donations.
  • After the Japanese giant abandoned enthusiasts, Honda-Tech has continued to thrive, with memes and flame wars replacing new product discussion. That's changing, but the members still found time to give a new Lotus owner a little grief.
  • RennList member TRAKCAR recently took advantage of the Porsche's European delivery program to pick up his 2016 GT3 RS. He figured a soft break-in was best, so he scheduled time to hit the 'Ring, SpA, and eight other circuits. 
  • While Harley-Davidson isn't as associated with racing as it was in the post-war years, Hogs are still a staple at dirt-track events, and pro rider Shawn Baer's massive crash at the Indy Mile had HDForums members amazed he walked away.

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