This year Rolls-Royce has been showing off its Bespoke program through two very inspired examples of the Wraith. In April at the New York International Auto Show and again in May at a fashion and design conference Rolls showed models Inspired by Film and Fashion, respectively. Here, at Pebble Beach Rolls-Royce unveiled a Wraith Inspired by Music as the final car in its Inspired Specification series. In fact, all three Inspired-By cars have arrived in Monterey to bask in the glory that is Pebble Beach Car Week. These cars aren't there just to look good, however, as this is prime hunting grounds for new buyers.

One such buyer of all-things Rolls-Royce is Michael Fux. He's purchased a number of automobiles from the brand over the years, and he plans on taking delivery of his latest Rolls right at The Quail Gathering. Mr. Fux went Bespoke for his new Wraith and worked with the brand to come up with a special color that bears the car owner's own name.

Fux Intense Jade Pearl paint is just one of the more than 44,000 exterior colors offered on any Rolls-Royce "motor car." It matches a themed green leather on the inside. It all sounds brilliant, and we'd love to show it to you, but Rolls-Royce didn't include any photos of this special Wraith in its press materials. Instead, you can scroll through the equally brilliant (we assume) Inspired-By cars in the gallery above.


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