For months, rumors have swirled that motorcycle racer and BBC presenter Guy Martin might be tapped to join Chris Evans as part of the cast of the new iteration of Top Gear. And while we still don't know whether those reports will prove true, we can confirm one position Martin has accepted. 

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This August, the 34-year-old speed freak will join with bike builder Triumph and sponsor Castrol to attempt to break the two-wheeled land speed record at Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats.

To do so, Martin will have to take his 1,000-horsepower Triumph Rocket III Streamliner past the 376-mph current record holder Rocky Robinson achieved in 2010. The land speed record is a point of pride for Triumph, which took the title of world's fastest motorcycle from the legendary manufacturer Vincent in 1955 and held it—with a brief, 33-day exception—until a Yamaha-powered machine took the title some 15 years later. 

Of course, as with overall record chaser Bloodhound SSC—which aims to break the sound barrier—the Rocket III Streamliner looks more cruise missile than ground vehicle. The "bike" Triumph has constructed for the attempt is 25.5 feet long, three feet tall, and two feet wide, and will take power from a pair of two 2.3-litre engines running methanol.

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Given the significance, not to mention danger, of the run, we're wondering if the Top Gear producers are waiting to announce whether he's on board until after it's complete.  

More info on the attempt is certain to be revealed as the date approaches. Stay tuned.   


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