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This Saturday, the United States will turn 239 years old. 

And it's important to celebrate. Because without our country, there would be no bourbon. So in the days leading up to long weekend of cookouts, cold beer and fireworks, many enthusiasts prepared the only way they know how: By procrastinating and arguing about cars on the forums.

Once again, Motor Authority has cleaned off the greasy bits and taken a good look at the system. Here's what happened this week:

  • A member on RennList posted some seriously sexy shots of his 912 Porsche project, which he's upgrading to the 911's beefier flat-six mill. Every time velocity stacks are installed, the world becomes just a bit more beautiful. 
  • The F-Type's snap, crackle and pop is glorious. But could cutting out the resonator make it even better? One member on JaguarForum decided to find out, and had a local shop weld in straight pipes in its place. The videos don't lie.
  • On HDForums, the contingent that doesn't think helmet laws constitute gross infringement on personal liberty debated the merits of wearing a video-game super soldier's DOT-legal lid. We want Master Chief's helmet something awful.
  • ClubLexus thinks the skatepark where Lexus will demonstrate the hoverboard it teased last month is outside Barcelona, Spain. But it's unconvinced the future deck's tricks will compete with the feats of skateboarding's traditional street gladiators. 
  • Mercedes-Benzes are  legendary for their longevity, and according to MBWorld the devotion the cars inspire is infinite. This is one owner's tale of a love affair which spans half a century. Will today's cars survive long enough to do the same?

Hit the links to get the full story. And tune in next week for more news from the forums!


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