We've seen some pretty interesting applications of camera tech lately—see Land Rover's Transparent Hood and Jaguar's 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen. Yet Samsung's Safety Truck seems particularly clever.

Compared with the Jaguar Land Rover applications, Samsung's effort is decidedly simple. Basically, the system uses a combination of cameras and monitors to allow motorists stuck behind a big rig to see "through" it, taking the guess work out of passing maneuvers on a two-lane road.

In the demonstration video, the company cites some pretty awful statistics about Argentine road deaths—one person per hour, on average—and says many drivers in the South American country lose their lives after misjudging such a pass.

Thought the system could be built largely with off-the-shelf-parts, and its usefulness seems obvious, we doubt we'll ever see it applied in the real world.

Predictably, the reason is cost. While there isn't a breakdown in the video, you hardly have to be an electronics expert to determine it won't be cheap. There's always the possibility that insurance companies could underwrite the cost, of course, but right now, we'll call Samsung's inspired system interesting but unlikely. 

Watch the video to see it in action. 


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