Dubai’s ever-growing police fleet includes everything from a humble Mustang right up to million-dollar autos such as the Aston Martin One-77 and Bugatti Veyron. Now it’s also got a pickup, in this case a 2015 GMC Sierra.

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This photo was uploaded to the Twitter feed of a Dubai police spokesman, revealing that the GMC pickup has been kitted out for some serious off-road duty. That means this vehicle may actually be used for some real police work.

That’s in contrast to many of the expensive exotics in the fleet, which are simply being used as promotional tool to promote Dubai to potential tourists and organizers of international expos.

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You can watch a short documentary highlighting many of the cars in the Dubai police fleet at this link. And for more on the 2015 GMC Sierra, be sure to read the full review at our sister site The Car Connection.


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