Challenge: don’t laugh while watching this video. Don't worry. You will fail.

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The scene: an older gentleman named Clint is seated in the rear of a car, trying to get out to take a walk during a stop on a road trip.

Why trying? Because he’s somehow become ensnared in the seat belt. No, it's not that it won't unbuckle. It's that he's somehow gotten the ratcheting mechanism to lock him down.

Shared to Facebook by Bonnie Chadbourne, this video unfortunately ends before the situation is resolved (did he ever get out?!?) but not before we learn that the snugness of the belt was causing Clint to become “hydrophobic.”

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Good luck with the rabies, Clint. Hope it goes better than that seat belt run-in.


Posted by Bonnie Chadbourne on Monday, April 6, 2015