When Maranello revealed its latest hypercar would be called "LaFerrari," the reaction from auto media and fans alike was withering.

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So when Ferrari was tasked with naming the model's $2.4 million track-only variant, the company demonstrated the careful consideration of criticism which has come to define its public face, and decided on a moniker which—at least to the English-speaking world—appears to be a censored expletive. 

It's quite perfect, actually, for a car we've previously described as "utterly batshit."

And while the Ferrari FXX K—The Making Of video which appeared on the company's YouTube channel last week shows virtually nothing regarding its construction, it's still worth watching. Because along with the requisite shots of designers making sketches and making minute adjustments on monitors, there are also plenty of loving pans of the—spectacularly sexy—body work.

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Most importantly, there are also shots of it on the track, and the glorious, naturally aspirated V-12 isn't diluted too much by the techno soundtrack. Enjoy.


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