The above video clip is a trailer for a video that BMW has created called "The Drift Challenge". It will pit two BMWs against each other to see who can drift better. One car is driven by a professional drifter while the other is driven by computers.

It should be interesting to see how the man stacks up against the machine. It's also interesting to see BMW finally realizing that maybe millennial enthusiasts aren't the horrible people they previously envisioned.

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You see, BMW used to actually have a strong dislike for drifting. In 2013, pro sideways shoe Michael Essa was on the cusp of winning the Formula Drift Season. He would be crowned champion, and he would do it in his E46 BMW M3. The automaker asked any driver operating a BMW during the season to pull off any BMW badging, as drifting wasn't good for its image. A BMW vehicle was about to win a form of motorsport popular with a young demographic... and the ultimate driving machine wanted no part of it.

Now though, drifting is apparently A-OK for BMW. Well, as long as a computer is the one that does it best. Remember when BMW was the German automaker that was pushing to win races while offering up vehicles to customers who cared about how they performed? That certainly feels like a long time ago, doesn't it?

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Enjoy your drift challenge, BMW... you could've supported a drift champion.


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