If you're a Corvette fan, it's probably safe to say that you're also a Callaway fan. No, I don't mean the group that make golf clubs, but rather Callaway cars. The Connecticut-based team has been turning out modified Corvettes in various shades of aggression for many years now.

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A wide variety of turbocharging and supercharging applications have been applied to a number of other vehicles as well. There are some Callaway cars that are more rare than others, with one of them being the C12.

They only built 25 examples, according to the Callaway website. These were essentially road-going versions of a car that Callaway created to compete in the GT2 class at Le Mans. Now is your chance to put one in your garage because an example has been posted up on eBay.

The ad states that only 19 have been produced, and that this is number 18 of that run. More interestingly, this particular car was owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr. We'd imagine he tested the abilities of the car, but it's based on a car designed to run at Le Mans so it's going to hold up just fine. These C12s traded hands when they first launched for sums in the $200,000 range. We wouldn't be shocked if this one sells for a bit less than that despite the prior ownership.

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Based on the figures people are shelling out right now for collectible cars, it'd also be no shock if the final auction price is deeper into the six figure realm. It really could go either way.


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