Most of us are in the between-holiday doldrums, but that doesn’t mean the car world isn’t in full swing. Chevrolet is just sending out the first Corvette Z06s to dealers, Ferrari just launched the new FXX K, and there’s yet another special edition Pagani on the world’s roads. You’ll find all of this and more in the news at Motor Authority this week.

Chevrolet’s first customer-bound Corvette Z06s are rolling out to dealers this week, covered in a rather extensive protective wrap. Some of the cars will even be in owner hands by the end of the week, says Chevy. While the Z06 is the (as yet) most expensive version of the seventh-generation Corvette, it should prove popular with buyers, as this is the first Z06 to offer both a convertible variant and an automatic transmission.

Ferrari’s LaFerrari is oddly named, to be sure, but now there’s the LaFerrari FXX K, which adds to the LaFerrari’s already ferocious performance with a new KERS system. Power is up from the 950 hp of the standard LaFerrari to 1,035 hp in the FXX K, with new settings for the KERS system, including a qualifying mode for fast laps over a short period. Other upgrades include a full aerodynamic package for more downforce and improved handling at speed.

The Zonda Revolucion was, technically, the final of the Zonda line of cars, superseded by the Huayra. But Pagani continues to push out the odd special edition—usually one-off examples—for well-heeled buyers seeing a signature hypercar. The latest example, captured on video by Brian Zuk, is the Zonda 760 RSJX, built for a buyer in Hong Kong. Built to the Zonda 760 RS’s specifications, the RSJX is thought to pack a 760-hp tune of the AMG 7.3-liter V-12 shared by all Zondas, as well as a sequential gearbox borrowed from the Zonda R.

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