Although officially the track-only Zonda Revolucion is the last of Pagani’s Zonda line of supercars, it appears the automaker is happy to keep churning out new special editions indefinitely (although perhaps these latest cars are based on existing chassis). The latest is the Zonda 760 RSJX, which was recently delivered to its owner in Hong Kong.

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This video from YouTube user BrianZuk (via Prototype0) shows the car outside Pagani’s factory in San Cesario sul Panaro, Italy, prior to being loaded onto a truck and sent on its way to Asia. The car is easily recognized by its baby blue paint scheme, which is contrasted by the Italian Tricolore pinstriping.

Previously thought to be called a 760 X, the 760 RSJX name appearing on the car’s body confirms that it’s been built to 760 RS specifications. This means that the car comes with a 760-horsepower version of AMG’s 7.3-liter V-12, plus the sequential gearbox and a host of other upgrades borrowed from the track-only Zonda R. The JX is likely to be the initials of the car’s owner.

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