The 2015 Ford Mustang may still be relatively fresh, but it's already being turned into a drag racing weapon.

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Bama Performance is the first tuner to get a 2015 Mustang into the 9-second range in the quarter mile. As American Muscle explains in the video above, it didn't have to go too crazy with modifications to do it, either.

The black Mustang GT accomplished a 9.91-second pass at 135 mph with mostly bolt-on parts and some tuning.

The major upgrades include a nitrous system and a diet—Bama says the car weighs around 3,450 pounds with a driver and half a tank of fuel, about 255 pounds below the lightest stock 2015 Mustang GT model.

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Bama also added a cold-air intake and Boss 302 intake manifold, which seemed to cure early problems it was having with the nitrous. Other than that, stouter components—including a carbon fiber drivsehaft—were swapped in to reinforce the drivetrain, fuel system, and suspension. Drag-appropriate tires were added as well, of course.

Ford may have turned the Mustang into a globally-focused performance car with many talents beyond those of the traditional muscle car, but Bama Performance has shown that it's still plenty fast in a straight line, too.


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