With dashboard cameras becoming ever more popular, more of the crazy things people do on the road are getting caught on tape.

YouTube user Paul Gee posted this video of a silver BMW 5-Series driving the wrong way down the A23 dual carriageway (a divided highway with two lanes of traffic in each direction) in Sussex, England. He had moved into the passing lane only to see the BMW approaching head-on. Thankfully, the encounter didn't result in a crash, and the car was apparently stopped without any injuries.

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After speaking to local police, the Daily Mail reported that the car was driven by a 73-year-old man for almost eight miles on the wrong side of the road. After receiving numerous calls from concerned motorists, police intercepted the driver.

He reportedly pulled over after seeing a marked police car coming toward him at the head of a line of traffic, and was taken away via ambulance to be medically assessed. There was also an unconfirmed report that a van had collided with a telephone pole after swerving to avoid the wrong-way driver.

It's unclear how the man got on the wrong side of the road, or why he only pulled over when a police car showed up. Either way, it's fortunate that the incident didn't end in a crash, as many similar ones do.


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