If you’re an amateur racer, a track day driver, or if you’ve even thought about driving, you should watch this video—but never do anything you see in it.

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The racers will cringe, often. The track day drivers will possibly laugh as they cringe. Those of you who haven’t yet done a track day, but would like to some day, will still be able to see many of the flaws even before they’re pointed out.

This, friends and racers, is quite possibly the worst track driver in the world. At least the worst on YouTube this year. Or at least we dearly hope so. Blame Jalopnik for digging it up.

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Before anyone shouts “Pastor Maldonado!”, know that in the YouTube description from video poster (and driver shamer) Radical Champ, the driver of this Nissan GT-R is said to have crashed into a McLaren 12C, while already under a black flag—and then to have kept on passing dangerously even after the incident.