For most of this 2014 Formula Drift season, The Drift Chronicles has been examining various aspects and mental states of a slew of drivers. The series has taken a look at the good times and the bad. Now though, it's time to focus on a specific type of vehicle that's found a soft spot in the hearts of quite a few folks.

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I'm talking about the Nissan Silvia... a.k.a. the 180SX, a.k.a. the 200SX, a.k.a. the 240SX. To put it more simply, and since the episode only looks at a specific generation of Silvia, I'm talking about the S14.

Here in the states, we call the car the Nissan 240SX. It's a simple yet perfect tool for the world of drifting. It can accommodate a wide range of engine swaps, the driven wheels are at the back, and the cost of entry is low. At least it was low before people started gobbling up every S14 they could find.

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This episode of The Drift Chronicles talks to a few drivers who run the S14 as their main machine. It's an insightful look into what makes the car so popular... and why it's happy to get sideways at this highest level of drifting.


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