When you have the need for speed, you might find yourself getting creative to eek out every last bit of power and performance that your engine can muster up. Engine swaps become a part of your world in your quest for more... more power and more speed.

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The builders behind the truck seen above have been bitten by a power and speed bug, and the result is that they've gotten awfully creative.

The vehicle is a truck, of sorts. There's no engine up front, however, as the powerplant has been moved to a spot behind the cab. It has also been upgraded... heavily. We're dealing with a 580 cubic-inch monstrosity that's being force fed by way of a pair of 76-millimeter turbochargers.

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This means that the truck is destined to run down the drag strip, and it also means it can do it rather quickly. After a few aborted runs, it seems that everything comes together quite well. The final run down the quarter-mile happens in a few ticks over 10 seconds, with a trap speed of nearly 140 miles per hour.

That's extremely fast for any vehicle, never mind a beat-up looking home-brewed truck that's packing a fire-breathing secret.


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