Care to hazard a guess the top speed of the world’s fastest mobility scooter? We’ll help you out. The current land speed record for a scooter is 82 mph and the one in the video above has just smashed that figure.

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This clip from Duke Video shows David Anderson and Matthew Hine from Anderson's Bodyshop. Their custom mobility scooter leaves all others for dead with its 107.6 mph Vmax! The speed was achieved yesterday at a drag event in the U.K., with Hine strapped on for the ride.

Of course, the scooter Hine was riding is no off-the-shelf product. It’s entirely custom, with its running gear borrowed from a Suzuki Bandit motorcycle. The body is full aluminum and as Anderson proudly points out all the typical functions of a mobility scooter are working. Sadly, this beast has no front brakes. Otherwise it could be registered for street use.

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Anderson and Hine are now waiting to hear back from Guinness to see if they’ll be entered into its official records book.


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