Do you like your Ford Mustangs like you like your Peterbilts? We hope so, because it seems that the muscle car icon could be climbing the transmission ladder up into a space normally occupied for bigger machines.

Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] is working on a ten-speed automatic gearbox together with General Motors Company [NYSE:GM]. According to Automotive News (subscription required), the new gearbox will initially appear in Ford's larger vehicles like its pickup trucks and next-generation Lincolns, and will eventually do duty in the Mustang.

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The information comes from an article outlining plans for the gamut of the Ford lineup. The Mustang tidbit comes way at the bottom. In fact, it's the very last line in the entire article, and there is no source cited nor is there mention of a date when it might happen.

It seems we might be a few years away from such a cog swapper finding a home in the Mustang, so we wouldn't hold off on ordering the new 2015 model if you were planning to.


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