There are plenty of vehicles in the Forza universe. Nearly everything from sports cars to true race cars and even trucks are represented in beautiful detail, and each is able to blast across some of the greatest circuits on the planet. Now there's a new addition to the Forza family, and it should serve to class up the virtual joint by several degrees.

The Rolls-Royce Wraith is now available to Forza fans.

This classic symbol of British luxury (by way of Germany) will be offered up in a wide range of color choices. There won't be as many as in real life, as that available paint schemes for any Rolls lie somewhere between a zillion and infinity. Instead, there will be 12 choices including a handful of the real-life two-tone paint schemes.

Despite its glorious cost and luxury, the Wraith won't be a slouch out on the track. A 6.6-liter V-12 engine pumps out 624 horsepower, and it feeds it out to the wheels by way of a satellite-aided transmission. The car actually uses GPS to help make sure the transmission is in the correct gear at the correct time.

The interior of the car has been modeled as well, which will be a treat for Forza folks. After all, we're dealing with a car that can recreate the night sky simply with its headliner.