Cars break down all the time, and for a variety of reasons, so seeing someone stranded at the side of the road may be cause for concern, but it’s rarely news. When the cause of the car’s engine trouble is a 7-foot python, however, it’s another matter entirely.

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That’s exactly what happened to a woman in Santa Fe, New Mexico, recently, however. After her pickup quit running, a passing driver pulled over to help. Popping the hood, the helpful driver was startled to find the huge constrictor in the engine bay.

According to KRQE News, upon seeing the snake, the truck’s owner “screamed at the top of her lungs and jumped back about 10 or 15 feet.” The good samaritan who’d opened the hood admitted, “I started screaming some obscenities, cause it really caught me off guard.”

Fortunately, a snake-friendly police officer showed up shortly after, taking the snake into protective custody until animal services arrived.

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It’s not clear exactly how the snake managed to cause the engine to stop running properly, though it’s possible it blocked the engine’s airflow or disconnected one or more spark plug wires.

The snake was likely seeking the warmth of the engine, and despite the under hood ride, appears to be fine.