They really do grow up too fast.

For your daily dose of automotive schadenfreude, consider this tale from BZ (via The Local) of a German two-year-old who managed to crash his father's Mercedes-Benz.

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The toddler took the keys from his sleeping father and was able to start the car around 10:00 a.m. Sunday in the Lichtenrade area of Berlin. He also thought to bring a stool to help reach the controls.

The car apparently had a manual transmission that was left in first gear. Witnesses reported seeing the silver station wagon "shoot out of its parking space and hit a post." No one was injured, however.

Maybe it's the Internet making us more aware of it, but there seem to be more and more automotive shenanigans involving children. Another recent case involved a 10-year-old Norwegian boy who got a hold of the family car, put it into a snowy ditch, and claimed he was a dwarf when a plow driver showed up to help.

Parents, it might be a good idea to invest in a safe for your keys.


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