The 2014 Formula Drift season is finally here, and it's already shaping up to be epic. For those who aren't familiar, Formula Drift--or Formula D as some refer to it--has already been here in the States for quite a long time--in fact, last year was its 10th anniversary. As the Formula D season begins, our friends over at Hooniverse have started a new season of The Drift Chronicles.

The first episode of this year takes a look at the rivalries in Formula D. The first half of the video takes a look at the competition brewing between Chris Forsberg and Michael Essa. To be exact, Chris Forsberg said, "I usually say I don't have a rival, we are out here to beat everyone. I'm sorry, that's what we are out here to do. But there's this one guy that comes to mind that I really want to beat the pants off of. The guy that beat me last year." Forsberg's rival: Michael Essa. The duo then briefly recap last season's happenings.

The second half of the video is slightly more interesting to us. The question of who is a better Ford Mustang driver was posed to both Justin Pawlak and Vaughn Gittin Jr. Naturally, each said they were the better driver, but they were humble about it. Gittin Jr. said, "Man, that's like impossible to answer without sounding like a cocky jerk, but I'm going to say I am... Justin is someone I kind of took under my wing. I got him his current ride. No doubt I have a lot of respect for him and his style on the track."

Naturally Pawlak said, "I'm pretty sure the teal and blue Mustang would win. Yeah, in fact I'm positive. Maybe from the outside it looks like we have a big rivalry, I definitely respect what he does and his skill set. When we go head-to-head you definitely want to beat each other."

The rivalries will be settled, as always, on track--so stay tuned for more from this season's smoky sideways Formula D action.


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