Warranties aren't the most interesting aspect of automotive news but, when they pertain to Ferrari, it's a little different. The Italian automaker will offer owners extended powertrain warranty coverage for up to 12 years, and an extension of the all-inclusive manufacturer's warranty.

Under the "New Power Warranty" scheme, Ferrari will offer extended powertrain coverage for new cars beginning May 1. It acts as a sort of third stage of coverage, following the original manufacturer's warranty--which covers repairs for up to three years--and an available extension that covers years four and five of ownership.

The amount of time the warranty is effective presumably depends on a vehicle's mileage, and the extended coverage is subject to annual renewal. There's also an annual 15 percent "incentive" required for renewal, and an additional 15 percent if no warranty work was carried out the previous year, Ferrari says.

The 12-year New Power Warranty can also be added to existing cars' coverage, after a technical inspection.

This is the latest attempt by Ferrari to increase the after-sale services available to customers. In 2011, the company launched Ferrari Genuine Maintenance, a free 7-year scheduled maintenance program aimed at helping owners properly maintain their cars and increasing resale value.

The program is available with the purchase of a new 458, FF, F12berlinetta, or California and remains in effect regardless of mileage.


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