It almost makes us tear up that we are just now finding out about this wonderful form of racing. Seriously, how could we miss this? It's called CrossKart racing, and it's essentially Formula racing that's melded with rally cars and dirtbikes. Perhaps it's more akin to Global RallyCross, but with the vehicles scaled way down... and the awesome scaled way up.

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These tiny terrors are powered by 750cc motorcycle engines, which put out around 150 horsepower. Since the vehicles only weigh around 700 pounds, you can assume that they go like stink. Actually, you don't have to assume anything since you can just watch the video above. If that doesn't satisfy you, then watch the one below. Still thirsty for more CrossKart deliciousness? Here's a third video.

These videos have created a new sense of stirring in our hearts. It's clear that we need to pack our things, sell our cars that aren't CrossKarts, and move to Finland. There we can hone our sideways skills, and acquire a CrossKart. All will be right with the world... thanks to CrossKart.


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