Chevrolet’s sixth-generation Camaro is expected to launch next year, bringing with it a whole new platform and a production site in the United States (the current one is built in Canada). That platform will be General Motors’ lightweight Alpha design, currently found in the Cadillac ATS and CTS, and the production site was recently confirmed as General Motors Company’s [NYSE:GM] Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant located in Michigan, the same site where the aforementioned ATS and CTS models are built.

One thing that won’t be changing much, however, is the car’s iconic styling, according to an insider.

"The difference between the existing and redesigned [Camaro] is not drastically different," an insider who has seen the new car revealed to Edmunds. “It is on a different platform, so that is a significant difference, but when they modified it to be on a different platform, the styling did not change that much."

This ties in with a previous report that suggested Chevy’s designers didn’t want to rock the boat when it came to the new Camaro’s styling since the current model was doing so well. The Camaro has repeatedly outsold the Ford Mustang in the past couple of years, with 2013 seeing 80,600 Camaros sold versus the 77,200 Mustangs sold. A possible preview of the new car is the striking Camaro concept designed for the upcoming Transformers 4 movie.

Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] is launching its all-new 2015 Mustang later this year so we may see it overtake the Camaro in the sales charts. The Blue Oval has also taken an evolutionary approach with the styling of its 2015 Mustang, even though the platform underpinning the car is dramatically different to anything used before for a Mustang.

The new Camaro is expected to be revealed in early 2015 before going on sale in the fall of that year, as a 2016 model. Hopefully we’ll have the first spy shots of prototypes soon.


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