The Alfa Romeo 4C is finally set to land in U.S. showrooms this June, initially at select Fiat and Maserati stores, but don’t run out to place an order just yet because an even more stunning 4C roadster could be just around the corner. We’ve learned via Italian website that a concept previewing a future 4C roadster will be shown at next week’s 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

The Geneva Motor Show is where Alfa Romeo first took the covers of the 4C concept back in 2011 and it’s where the production version of the car was shown just two years later. Now it looks like the Swiss event is about to play host to yet another 4C debut.

The good news doesn’t end there, however. is also reporting that the 4C roadster concept will debut a new wheel pattern for the 4C as well as a new headlight design that does away with the bug eye look of the production 4C and more closely resembles the units used on the original 4C concept.

A 4C roadster has been talked about since the 4C concept was first revealed back in 2011. There hasn’t been much to report on since then, although we have heard that the 4C roadster’s arrival would trail that of the coupe by about a year.

An automated folding roof is likely to prove too costly and complex for the compact dimensions of the 4C, so expect the open-top version to feature a manually removable roof. The design is also likely to necessitate a rollover bar located behind the rear seats.


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