Future Aston Martins may have engines from Mercedes-Benz's AMG performance division, but those engines won't wear AMG badges.

Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche told Autocar that the engines Aston buys won't have any German badging, and that AMG plans to keep its involvement with the iconic British automaker on the down low.

"Our customers will know about it without us making too much of the link," Zetsche said, "That is enough for us."

While it seems logical that Aston Martin cars would go without another company's branding on the their fenders and valve covers, remember that AMG client Pagani proudly plasters AMG badges on its cars.

The first product of the alliance will be a new V-8 engine, which will power the replacement for the current V8 Vantage.

For now, the relationship between AMG and Aston Martin will be limited to the sharing of engines and electrical components, although Mercedes is reportedly open to further collaboration.

Zetsche told Autocar that his company would be willing to share chassis architecture with Aston, possibly to replace the British firm's aged VH platform. Developing a new platform from scratch would require a considerable investment on Aston's part, but the company hasn't made any decisions yet.

It may not amount to more than talk, though, as Aston and Mercedes with previously discussed platform sharing with little progress. The last scheme involved a Lagonda-badged Aston-Martin SUV that would have shared its chassis with the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class.


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