Subaru has announced the debut of a new and improved version of its EyeSight vehicle safety system, which it is making available on its 2015 lineup. EyeSight is a camera-based vehicle monitoring system that enhances safety performance and further reduces the burden on the driver.

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The latest version now features color stereo cameras that deliver an approximately 40 percent longer and wider detection range, brake light detection and can now fully function when the speed differential between the EyeSight-equipped car and another vehicle is up to 30 mph, up from 19 mph. EyeSight is also capable of detecting pedestrians in the vehicle’s path.

The information from the cameras is relayed to the EyeSight computer, which is also networked with the car’s braking system and electronic throttle control. The Eyesight system integrates adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and pre-collision braking, with the latter function being able to bring a car to a complete stop at speeds under 30 mph if an obstacle is detected and the driver fails to brake in time.

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While the EyeSight system focuses on objects in front of the vehicle, new Subarus will also be available with systems to monitor the roads in other directions. These include blind spot detection, lane change assist and rear cross traffic alert systems, which will also be available on much of Subaru’s 2015 lineup.


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