It's not your typical starting grid. There's a Ford Mustang convertible lining up against an Opel Ascona. A Hillman Imp looks to go wheel to wheel against a gaggle of Mini Coopers. A lone Toyota surveys the field while a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow looms large amidst the proletariat. What are all these vehicles doing lined up next to one another? They're about to go racing.

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The year is 1975 and the location is somewhere in Great Britain. Before actual race cars take to the track, a 20-lap race has been set up between a group of folks driving their production spec street cars. There are no roll cages, and few are using helmets. It sounds both dangerous and insane, because it is. It's also downright intoxicating to watch.

The prize for the winner? A trophy. Also glory, but that's a bit more esoteric. What's the worst that could happen to a combatant? Well, as the announce puts it "it's their funeral", and there are a few times when that could become the case. But that doesn't happen, and instead we're left with a glorious look at some old-school wheel-to-wheel fun in the form of a wide range of vehicles driven by people who are lovely lunatics.



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