Motor Trend has a thing for drag races these days. For the last few years, the MT team has put together large scale runs down a straight strip of tarmac. It makes sense then that there should be such a race after an event like SEMA. This race isn't quite as epic in scope as the many-machine gauntlets that we've seen, but it's a bit more interesting thanks to the metal involved.

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It's Europe versus America versus, well, a machine that can go anywhere it wants. A bbi-tuned Porsche 911 Turbo squares off against the Agent 47 Harbinger Mustang and an LS3-powered Ultra Four Buggy from Bomber Fabrication.

The Porsche is well-prepped because bbi knows exactly what it's doing when it comes to tuning the Teutonic turbo terror. Under the hood of the classic Mustang sits a crate motor that normally sits inside the fenders of a 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302. The Buggy has tons of power thanks to its LS3 engine, but let's be honest here... it's got no chance in this race unless there's a portion with rocks and jumps.

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The video goes into detail on each vehicle before it gets to the actual race. So if you're pressed for time, just skip ahead to about the seven-minute mark. Once there, you're going to be treated to a unique trio that compete aurally as well as they do visually.


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