The BMW 2002tii was a legend the minute it rolled off the assembly line. As part of the automaker's New Class, the 2002 helped bring BMW to a place where it was financially stable while also making sure the world knew that true sporting sedans where its prime product. It also setup the company to graduate on to the 3 Series.

Finding a BMW 2002 in good shape is a joy for almost any automotive enthusiast. The car is rewarding to drive while also boasting supremely pretty styling. In fact, there's an excellent example for sale right now on eBay... except the previous owner decided to make the car worse.

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Per Bring-A-Trailer, this 1972 BMW 2002tii was owned by Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong. For some reason, Mr. Armstrong decided to swap out the five-speed manual gearbox and plop an automatic transmission in its place. Yeah, we're making the same face as you right now. It's as if we just sucked on a lemon peel and we have no idea why we did so.

Besides the gearbox issue, the car is otherwise lovely. The idea of the modern audio system will probably prove polarizing, but we're okay with having strong sound to enjoy your favorite tunes. Still, the very first thing we'd do if we bought this car would be to source and install the correct transmission. This is a car that wants to be driven, and a with manual gearbox is how it should be driven.

If you leave the car as-is then you're just an American Idiot.


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