The only Buick wearing the brand’s GS performance badge, short for “Gran Sport”, is the Regal GS. Going forward, we'll see more Buicks wearing the famous badge, especially with the Buick brand expected to launch a new Grand National complete with T-Type and GNX variants.

The information was provided by General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] design chief Ed Welburn, who spoke recently with Car and Driver. He explained that the move is aimed at bolstering Buick’s performance image in order to lure younger buyers to the brand.

Welburn didn’t reveal what the next Buick to wear the GS badge would be, though a likely possibility is the Verano. Another possibility is the next-generation LaCrosse.

Unfortunately, GS badging doesn’t equate to more power. With the 2014 Regal GS’ output reduced by 11 horsepower to 259 horsepower, the same as the 2014 Regal Turbo, the GS badge on the Regal equates to sportier wheels and tires, body enhancements and stiffer suspension. The same will likely be true for an future GS models in order to leave a performance gap between the Buick and Cadillac lineups.


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