No matter how old you get, you're still in love with cars. That also means you're still in love with Hot Wheels. The iconic "toys" have delighted people for decades ever since the brand launched its first run of cars in 1968.

Vehicles that year included customized versions of the Corvette, Mustang, Nova, and even the C10 Ranger. That first run was of sixteen vehicles, and Hot Wheels has since upped the number it produces in a year. In fact, it seems you can even churn out your own Hot Wheels right at home.

The team at visited the El Segundo, California design studio of Hot Wheels to see how the cars come to be. While there, a new item was shown off that allows folks to build their own Hot Wheels. It's a car maker that uses molds and wax to produce body shells, which can then be attached to wheels and directed as one sees fit.

While the at-home creator is a cool toy to see, the focus of the video shows the passion that goes into creating each vehicle. That's exactly what one would hope it's like to work at Hot Wheels. There's a large test track surrounded by full-size versions of the smaller cars. It's not a warehouse on a side street in New Jersey, but a thriving design studio not far from the Pacific Ocean. That's where the real-deal cars bring their designers, and it makes sense for Hot Wheels to plunk their creative folks there as well.


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