Honda isn’t exactly known for its bold designs but that may soon change as the automaker is introducing a new design language that’s focused on building excitement. The name of the new design language is Exciting H Design!!! (yes, there really are three exclamation points) and according to the automaker it will be applied to all future Honda-badged cars.

The three exclamation marks represent three key design factors, namely High Tech, High Tension and High Touch. High Tech is representative of Honda’s claimed innovativeness, High Tension is said to represent the pursuit of beautiful shapes and structures, and finally High Touch is all about surfacing and texture.

By incorporating these three factors into exterior and interior design, the hope is that Honda’s future lineup will have more presence and character. Key elements will include Honda’s new Solid Wing Face grille, strong character lines and streamlined shapes.

So what will a car designed inline with Exciting H Design!!! principles look like? Well, the first example is already out in the form of the 2015 Honda Fit... let's hope subsequent designs can manage to refine the look.

New Honda Fit Hybrid (Japan-only model)

New Honda Fit Hybrid (Japan-only model)


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