The Six Hours of Austin will see the green flag in just over an hour, but the teams and drivers are out in the pit lane showing off their hardware and signing autographs--and the fans have turned out in droves to see it all up close.

There's not as much fanfare--no pomp and circumstance--as you'll find at the F1 race, but the FIA WEC event here in Austin is all the more approachable because of it. There's an air of informality, of a club event where everyone belongs, that you won't find with the members-only feel of that other FIA series.

Despite this familiar, easy-going sense, there's an air of expectation, of something big drawing near. The teams and drivers are facing six hours on one of the most challenging new tracks in the world, and a track brand new to the WEC field. What will the next quarter-day hold for each as the heat builds and the pressure mounts?

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