Jaguar Land Rover is looking to raise the level of technology currently offered by its growing lineup. A new telematics and infotainment system, which has been co-developed by Bosch, will begin to roll out progressively on 2014 model year vehicles. The main idea behind the new system is to add a greater level of connection between the Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles and their smartphone-owning drivers and passengers.

The system is called InControl and works with a range of apps compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. Jaguar Land Rover is claiming this system will "launch a new era of in-vehicle app connectivity". The automaker doesn't give too many details, however, on how it will do that. Many automakers offer systems that utilize a variety of apps to offer up a rich infotainment experience, so we don't yet see what makes this one so special.

The automaker is saying that more details will emerge soon. It seems that the Jaguar Land Rover designers are working with app developers from all over the globe to help create special apps specifically for these vehicles and their owners. That would certainly be a bit different than the standard suite of apps such as Pandora, Spotify, and I Heart Radio. It's too early to see exactly how the InControl system shakes out, and it will really require some time to push buttons and fiddle with knobs before we can be certain of just how great this new system may actually be.

Pictured above is the interior of Jaguar’s C-X17 crossover concept that debuted this week at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show. It shows the future direction the Jaguar brand will be taking for its interior design and includes a digital gauge cluster, multiple touch-screen displays and wireless Internet connectivity.


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