Google Glass might be the best way to publicly mark yourself as a nerd (and to get in deep with the NSA's databases), but Mercedes-Benz sees it as a tool for research and development.

How does Mercedes use Google Glass? According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, the three-pointed brand is seeking to mesh navigation with car-to-destination walking directions that move seamlessly from car to Glass. The convenience of not having to look up and navigate to the destination multiple times on multiple devices (car, phone, etc.) is the end goal.

It's still just a research project at the moment. Google's Glass is still expensive and relatively rare, keeping it from being ready for mainstream use. But the technology, once developed, could conceivably translate beyond the Google hardware to beam your last few steps straight from the car to a phone, tablet, or whatever mobile device you prefer.

Along with the Glass research project, Mercedes' North American R&D firm is also looking into Android-based infotainment systems, and recently launched its own Drive Kit Plus system for iPhone. An Android version of the Drive Kit Plus system is in the works.

The Drive Kit Plus system is part of the Car-to-X communication research project, tying into online radio, social media updates, GPS, Siri, and the car's systems. The Digital DriveStyle app interfaces with the Drive Kit Plus system to enable the smartphone's integration into the infotainment system.

Drive Kit Plus and the Digital DriveStyle app are currently available for the iPhone 4 and 4S (iPhone 5 support is coming) for about $600.