If you're going to pace any racing event, you need to be driving something powerful. ESPN anchor Sage Steele will get to experience this at the upcoming Brickyard 400 NASCAR race because she is slated to pilot the leading machine.

Our chariot of choice will be supplied by Chevrolet, and it's a good choice. The Camaro ZL1 will serve as the pace car for the Brickyard.

The 580-horsepower ZL1 is a more-than-adequate choice to set the pace. It's a high-performance two-door that can hold its own out on the track. Additionally, this is the sixth time that a Camaro has paced this race so it has some history with the circuit and event.

Sage Steele is a graduate of Indiana University, so she's a natural fit to pace the race that runs on her home turf. The Brickyard 400 comes to the Indianapolis Speedway on Sunday, July 28, and fans can expect to see one delightfully liveried Camaro ZL1 out in front.

Until the green flag drops, of course, because that 580-horsepower engine will quickly be drowned out by the actual race cars.


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