Way back in 1923, Italian automaker Alfa Romeo saw a green cloverleaf design applied to the Targa Florio-running machine of Ugo Sivocci. Ever since then this symbol has been applied to all of the more sporting machines in the Alfa Romeo stable.

That original RL race car wore the emblem proudly, and other cars wearing the mark put Alfa Romeo on the podium of many races.

The Quadrifoglio Verde was adorned on Alfa Romeo race cars that won the first two Formula One races. It's been applied to DTM winners, and it's also been affixed to cars designed to bring sporty driving to the street. This lovely little symbol celebrates 90 years in 2013, and Alfa Romeo isn't letting up on its applications.

Both the new Giulietta and MiTo sold overseas are being offered in Quadrifoglio Verde trim. The Giulietta Cloverleaf boasts 235 horsepower and an impressive 144 pound-feet of torque per liter. The little MiTo Cloverleaf, meanwhile, pushes out 170 horsepower from its 1.4-liter MultiAir turbo four-cylinder engine. Both cars carry on a proud tradition by bearing the Quadrifoglio Verde.

There are plenty of cool symbols and badges that have been used throughout the years in the automotive industry. Only a few can claim to have achieved iconic status, however, and the Alfa Romeo green cloverleaf is one of those few. It's come a long way from its use on the hood of Ugo Sivocci's RL race car, but it's great to see it continually being applied and appreciated by Alfa Romeo and the fans of the brand.


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