The king of rally is about to take on the biggest hill climb in the world. We expect records to tumble, re-set at levels that will stand for years.

What else should you expect, after all, when the eight-time World Rally Champion Sébastien Loeb brings an 850-horsepower Peugeot to Pikes Peak?

The mountain path is now entirely paved, but, if anything, Loeb would have been even better suited to setting the record back when it was still mostly dirt and gravel. Loeb is familiar with tarmac from his rally years, and since retiring from full-time WRC competition, has competed in several GT-series road races to good results.

As the tests show so far, this year may see the perfect storm of skill, equipment, and desire to win come together in a scorching new record.

Provided there are no surprise detours, of course.

Thanks to Frank L. for the tip!


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