Your average Class-A motorhome is an expensive machine fitted with a standard array of luxurious features. Be it granite counter tops, stainless appliances, flat-screen TVs, or quadruple pop outs, upgrading a coach is an easy affair if you've got the bucks. What if you want more though... much more. Marchi Mobile has the recreational vehicle that you've been dreaming about. Or maybe it's having nightmares about, depending on which part you're viewing.

The Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo is a rolling tribute to excess and wealth. It's also packed with style, both good and bad. The exterior looks like a genetically mutated oversized Pontiac Aztek from the future, sent back in time to kill all who made the original vehicle.

Inside, however, it's a completely different story if you're a fan of modern design and style. There's a great use of space, ultra luxurious furniture and appliance choices. A jet-like gangway unfolds to provide access to the interior, which can be massively expanded by the oversized pop-out slider. There's even a pop-up rooftop bar for when you're parked and want to become emperor of the local RV parking section.

A large diesel engine provides power for this exotic rolling rig, and it spits out emissions through a pair of exhaust outlets mounted under a rear diffuser. We don't imagine that improves handling, but it looks pretty cool.

So what would it take to add this machine to your luxury stable? About $3 million. It's certainly cheaper and more comfortable than a jet.


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