China represents a truly amazing proposition for car makers. The country is jam packed with people, and those people are gaining access to more and more of the worlds wealth. Additionally, some of those people are themselves rather wealthy. So it's not just standard and premium automakers that are looking to make an impact in China, it's also the builders of exotic and high-end machines as well. It makes a whole lot of sense for automakers to grab a foothold in China, but what's after China?

According to a report by Forbes, Ferrari North America CEO Marco Mattiacci believes that Mexico is "the next China".

Mattiacci states that he's seen plenty to indicate that a lot of manufacturing is heading back into Mexico. Additionally, the school systems are reportedly top notch, the government has made significant changes, and the close proximity to the United States all add up to data points that show Ferrari a reason to keep an eye on Mexico. Another (more crystal clear) indicator is the amount of very wealthy folks raising their hands as a show that they want to purchase vehicles.

When Ferrari launched the Enzo, there was not a strong request from Mexico's millionaires for the exotic machine. Now things are rather different with the LaFerrari, as at least 15 folks have stepped up and expressed serious interest in acquiring the latest supercar to wear the prancing horse.


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