Finding a parking spot is just one of those chores many drivers face on a daily basis. You roll up and down the rows at the parking garage hoping for that empty space, only to be foiled by the odd motorcycle or MINI Cooper.

Audi is looking to help out its owners, and the German automaker has teamed up with a company called INRIX to help get you sorted and into a proper parking spot. The technology is INRIX Park Service, and it will show you available spots, prices, and other garages nearby.

Morning commuters... rejoice!

The INRIX system has teamed up with 18,000 parking facilities in the U.S. and another 42,000 over in Europe to garner data about the parking centers. Those numbers are climbing by the way, so more facilities will be joining the database as time moves forward.

INRIX now passes on the data to Audi vehicles equipped with and subscribed to Audi Connect. If you have a subscription, the system can start working today.

Once you're hooked in, you can see what the local parking centers are charging, which one has open spots, and get directions to the one that looks the best to you. For Audi drivers, gone are the days of roaming through the city to save a few bucks and some time. You will now know exactly where you want to go and if there are spots available.


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