Ford’s F-150 SVT Raptor has been a major success for the Blue Oval, but while the performance pickup is now entering its fourth model year, we’re still yet to see a similar model from key rivals Chevrolet and Ram.   

We have had some inklings from the Mopar aftermarket division, though what we really yearn for is a dedicated off-roading pickup with plenty of punch like the Raptor.

One of the first true Raptor rivals could end up coming from Chevrolet.

Speaking with Edmunds, Chris Hilts, a designer for General Motors’ full-size pickup division, revealed that managers at General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] were looking into a Raptor-style pickup.

However, a performance pickup was just one option. Co-branded vehicles like the F-150 Harley-Davidson were also being considered, though pickup a brand that resonates with GM’s pickups is proving difficult.  

"To find the right product that co-mingles together is a challenge," Hilts explained. "You may win some customers, but you may lose some customers."


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