The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is well on its way to production, with first deliveries expected in late summer or early fall. Despite being just a few months off, there are still a few key details we don't know about the Corvette Stingray.

That list may be one item shorter now. According to GM Authority, citing the National Corvette Museum, the seventh-generation Corvette will weigh 3,298 pounds, 90 pounds more than its predecessor.

The extra weight comes from a number of items, nearly all of them aimed at increased performance:

  • Direct injection, variable valve timing, and active fuel management add 35.2 pounds
  • Engine oil cooler adds 6.6 pounds
  • A heftier dual-mass clutch and steel torque tube add 28.6 pounds total
  • Larger brakes add 18.3 pounds

Some of the additions, like new infotainment technology, upgraded seats, and improved interior appointments, are focused on making the driving experience more comfortable and inviting. The comfort and convenience items add up to a total of just over 84 pounds.

In all, the new Corvette adds 210 pounds worth of equipment, while saving about 150 pounds over the previous Corvette through a lighter frame, body, hatch, and suspension elements.

The Z51 performance package will likely add about 150-200 pounds, according to GM Authority. Per the pricing released last week, the Z51 package will also add $2,800 to the price of the car.

While gaining any weight is not what we'd ultimately like to see in a new generation of a sports car, the Corvette appears to have kept the net gain minimal, while at the same time enhancing appearance and feel to move the Corvette up-market at nearly the same price as the previous C6 model. Those are all things we can get behind.

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