When the original 621-horsepower Bentley Continental Supersports was launched in 2009, we found it to be a refined, luxurious, and utterly bonkers take on Bentley's classic ultra-luxury theme.

Understandably, we were a little sad to hear there would be no Continental Supersports as part of the updated Continental range launched just one year later.

More recent news of a leaner, more aggressive Continental GT along the lines of a road-going racer rekindled our interest in the idea of a hyper-performance Conti GT, though we were still somewhat sad about Bentley not offering a direct replacement for the Continental Supersports.

According to Autocar, reports of the Continental Supersports’ demise were a little premature as a new model is said to be in the pipeline.

The new car, which is reportedly set for launch around 2014, is expected to be a permanent fixture in the Continental lineup, helping to fill the gap between the current Continental GT Speed and a new, range-topping model based on the Continental GT3 race car concept from 2012.

The latest version of the Continental GT Speed produces 616 horsepower, which means the Continental Supersports will likely deliver around 650 horsepower while the range-topping Continental GT3 will likely arrive with as much as 675 horsepower on tap.

Like the previous car, the new Continental Supersports would focus on weight savings for its performance, though nowhere near as extreme as the measures that are likely to be employed for the Continental GT3. Expect carbon fiber construction and a stripped interior for the Continental Supersports.

Improvements to the chassis and drivetrain are also likely, as is the launch of a convertible variant.

We’ll bring you an update as soon as we learn more, but in the meantime be sure to read our first drive report on the original Bentley Continental Supersports.