If you don't remember Jeremy Foley's massive off at the Devil's Playground from last year's Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, you probably haven't touched a computer in the past 7 months.

Fortunately, both Foley and co-driver Yuri Kouzenetsov were unharmed in the massive barrel-rolling, boulder-slamming dive down the mountain.

The unfortunate part is that the car went off the mountain at all--the duo's Evolution Dynamics-prepared Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution was making good time up to that point.

But next time around, last year's result might be at least a little less likely, thanks to a new sponsorship deal Foley has secured with Pirelli.

"Evolution Dynamics is pleased to announce our partnership with Pirelli tires," said Foley. "The very nature of Pikes Peak makes tire selection key." 

"We believe that the Pirelli P Zero Race Slick will give us the edge we need to remain at the top of our class," Foley continued. "The tire has already shown great success as it is the spec tire for professional racing series around the globe. Its ability to produce large amounts of grip, while providing the durability and heat resistance we need, is exactly what we were looking for."

Explaining his respect for the mountain, Foley added, "PPIHC is and always will remain one of the most dangerous races in the world. I am in a unique position to comprehend this more acutely than most drivers. Yet I will not let this deter my focus or drive to compete at the highest levels.

"Just like most things in life that bear strong consequences, you have to have respect for the mountain.  There is no question my respect was earned the hard way. But that consequence has turned into prosperity. As we move our way further into motorsports notoriety, we welcome Pirelli into a close group of partnerships."

The new car will already be even safer, thanks to a sponsorship from Recaro arranged last year.

Pirelli, known not only for its road tires and F1 involvement, also supplies custom high-end tires to some of the fastest cars on the planet, including the recently launched McLaren P1's bespoke rubber.

For Foley, it will be standard Pirelli race tires, but the deal could help ensure that, accidents aside, the next run up Pikes Peak will have the best possible chances of ending at the summit.

Pirelli's sponsorship of Foley may extend to other events after Pikes Peak as well.

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